“Finding One is Finding the Other”


At the link below is an article entitled Did God Fake the History of the Universe? by Steven Novella from Neurologica. I found the article to be absolutely well-reasoned, thoughtful, persuasive and provocative.

Nonetheless, it  re-enforces in me why I do not believe, nor have I ever, in strict or literal “creationism.” However, if read and ruminated upon (along with the reader “comments” that follow it), the article also indicates the fundamental limitations and flaws of all human reasoning and rationalism. Essentially, many evolutionists and scientists do not realize that they have made a “religion” out of their own rationalizations and ideas much the same as the “creationists” have.

I am at a point in my life where the views and dogmas of both the staunch “creationists” and the staunch “evolutionists” seem equally boring to me and even equally absurd when they take on their most obnoxious forms. Perhaps, it is because I have been advantaged by the fact that I was (and am still) a Christian that is a firm believer in the “scientific method,” the scientific mind-set, and the scientific way of thinking and was so years before I ever fully re-committed to the truth of God less than a decade ago. Perhaps it is also because I am helped by the relatively broad intellectual experiences gained by having read fairly widely in the fields of popular science, general history, and the history of ideas (scientific, philosophical, and religious).

In sum, a conclusion that all “creationists” and “evolutionists” might, in their own time come to realize, as did both Isaac Newton and Louis Pasteur, is that : “A Little science takes you away from God but more of it takes you to Him.” (Pasteur, as cited in Guitton 1991, 5; see also Yahya 2002).

Be that as it may, many of us Christians are too committed to a “Biblical Literalism” that was NEVER intended by the Bible’s authors. However, just as often, many “humanists'”are far more committed to a “faith” in their own reason than “God” or nature seem to have ever intended for us humans to safely be.

Has anyone ever stopped to think and realize that perhaps BOTH the “scriptures” and the physical universe are so vague and deliberately opaque in so many ways because “God” and “Truth” are both things that must be searched for???

In the end, “creationists” and “evolutionists” will find that… FINDING ONE IS FINDING THE OTHER!

God Bless, and May the Force be with you!



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1 Response to “Finding One is Finding the Other”

  1. pjehlinger@roadrunner.com says:


    Good comments. As my Father used to quote from a poem he had memorized about “Life”, “The more we seem to learn, the less we know.”

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