John 16:12

“I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.” JOHN 16:12

When I find myself contemplating the mysteries of the world and the universe, as I often do, I quite regularly wonder about the above words of Jesus Christ. These words were spoken to his disciples while He was Prophesying to them. These words make me believe, as do other things and as Paul also believed, that WE ARE NOT MEANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING YET. As Paul said, right now we live only in the world of the “partially revealed.”

What do you think?

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5 Responses to John 16:12

  1. Jen says:

    It has to be true, we do not know the future. I think many of us, as much as we think we want to know it, would be scared to actually know our future. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!?

  2. Jen2 says:

    Dave, this has been inadvertently a topic in our discussion group lately, in a little different way. We immediately think about the physical world we exist in today but looking at this from the spiritual side, I am often reminded that the spiritual battles occurring unseen weigh far greater than the evil we exist in. Relating to Christ’s text here, I am ever more grateful for the heavenly angels that help protect us from the evil of the spiritual world as well as the physical. May we all offer a prayer of thanksgiving on their behalf, especially for St. Michael, St. Raphael, and St. Gabriel, the ones mentioned by name in scripture. Thanks for the great posts!

  3. John Kay says:

    Dear Dave:

    Jesus said these words after His last supper but before He died. The disciples were mourning and afraid and not in a condition to absorb all that their Master had to say. More importantly, they (and we) needed the guidance and power of God the Holy Spirit to teach, comfort, and help them.

  4. Marg Saj says:

    David, I love what you are doing on the internet! Your Blog is excellent! Keep up the good work! You are reaching more people than you realize. As far as the Lord not telling us everything is obviously for a very good reason. HE knows us better than we know ourselves. Sometimes we get this attitude that we can handle knowing the future so people want desperately to know what is ahead in their lives. This is not good because God wants us to live each day as if it were our last and go to bed at night being content that we have pleased God and we have treated other people the way HE would have wanted us to do. We would totally mess up God’s plan for our future if we knew what was ahead because we think we would always have a better idea and we would want to help God out and throw in some of our own foolish plan of action. LIFE IS LIKE TAKING A TRIP. God can take the wheel and get us to our destiny safely or we can find some detours and short cuts that will lead to dissaster ALL because we know where God is taking us BUT we think HE needs our help! Also if we knew the future for our loved ones we would also interfere in their lives too and perhaps causing God’s plan for them to be aborted because we knew TOO much and pushed their future ahead of God’s timing and as a result they were not ready and yet we were going to help God out in their lives. Also if we knew the future about a death or divorce or or any unfortunate expereince in life then we could not enjoy TODAY for fear of knowing tomarrow. We just need to take our life one day at a time like the God told the Israelites to take Manna DAILY and not horde any in their tents BUT to go out each new day and pick up fresh manna. It is a matter of TRUST. Leave the future with God. Live and Love like today is all you have and give each day back to the Lord at night and be grateful for all HE has done. The future is way too BIG for us to handle. We could NOT enjoy ONE day if we already knew what all the others have in store for us.Would we Love God more if we knew what was in our future OR would we love others more if we knew the future? We need only to realize that our love grows and is developed out of the daily dependence on God and our daily need for each other .Yes the thought of knowing the future sometimes can make us feel we will have a better handle on life if we could know what was coming before it got here and then we would be all prepared for it BUT that would erase all life in between and we would not be as mature and seasoned and genuine as a child of God if all our life was wriiten out and handed to us as a script.

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