The Oldest Cold Case Solved Yet!

It turns out that “cut-throat” politics are nothing new!

This after the solving of a three-thousand year old murder. It turns out that an ancient Egyptian Pharoah, one Ramesses III, was likely the victim of a politically motivated assassination. His throat was cut. Since this murder would have occurred in about the 12th century B.C., it gives us a little glimpse of the type of “cut-throat” politics that the Jewish people were living under in Egypt at about that time.

Until now, what killed Ramesses III was a mystery of history.

Ironically, it turns out that what comes around goes around – even then. What I am referring to is the ironic fact that, according to much modern research, the Ramessid line of pharaohs (the one beginning with Ramesses I) first took power after the murder of an unpopular young reigning  pharaoh – one Tutankhamen, a.k.a. the 19-year-old “King Tut!” Hopefully, you are enjoying this particular post and finding some value in it and you are not saying to yourself right about now….”Hey, e-gypted me!” Pun intended!

Enjoy the BBC article at the link below!

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